This morning we had a dusting of snow. It was JUST enough to make the roads slick in certain areas. It was also JUST enough to remind me that it's time to watch out for the drivers who forgot you can't take turns at full speed or stop on a dime.

Today on my way into work, a white pickup truck hauling a dumpster on a trailer pulled out in front of me less than 30 yards away in a 35 MPH zone. Unbelievable. I was able to brake in time to avoid the back of his trailer but it was a clear reminder that some people just don't get "it". Or did get "it", but forgot.

Now, there are a select few that are dumb drivers and will never change. However, a majority of us Tri-Staters will remember how to handle our vehicles after the first few snowfalls. In the meantime, give other vehicles plenty of space on the road and assume every other driver on the road is clueless and you should be OK!