No one likes losing a bet. But when it requires you to wear apparel of the team you hate, it's like being tarred and feathered! That's exactly what happened Friday night. I'll explain the context of the bet, but first I need to explain why wearing a Blackhawks shirt is flat out unacceptable.

I'm a huge Minnesota sports fan. I was born in Minnesota and grew up cheering for the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves and, more recently, the Wild. When I moved to Dubuque, IA 9 1/2 years ago, it was my first time living in a city where my favorite teams weren't the most popular. It was definitely an adjustment I've come to embrace. I can proudly say that I've never taken any of the jabs from Bears/Blackhawks/Bulls/White Sox and even Packers fans personal.

I've been approached to make friendly bets on more than a few occasions. Most of them I refuse. My friend, Mitch, however is one guy I will always accept a bet from. Mitch is the Manager at Lot One and seems to always catch me at my "weakest" moment (around 1 A.M.).

Mitch and I go back-and-forth about sports all of the time and it was a few Wednesdays ago when Colt McCoy's name came up. Mitch had said over a year ago that Colt has the talent to start in the NFL. I shot that idea down. Fast-forward several months and Colt McCoy is set to start on Monday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys.

Naturally, I took Dallas -7.5 over Washington. Washington not only covered the +7.5, they won the game! Our bet was the loser had to wear the winner's shirt of choice. Friday night, in front of an audience during my sports-talk show at TPC Sports Bar inside Mystique Casino, I paid my debt. That Mitch is one funny guy.