Tommy Lee has led one of the more active solo careers in Motley Crue, but looking back now, he calls all those efforts "a waste of f---ing time."

The problem, as he told Yahoo! Music during a joint interview session with Mick Mars to discuss the band's 'Final Tour,' is that when you're trying to divide your loyalties between your band and your solo life, it's the outside projects that are going to suffer.

"Yeah, they're kind of fun, you get your ya-yas out, but the second you try to support something like that, the mothership calls and you gotta go," he pointed out. "We've put a lot of passion and energy into some of those things and sometimes you go, 'Hmm, for what?' But once this thing ends, we're probably going to get involved in all kinds of crazy stuff. And the doors are always open for us to work with whoever we want."

"Whoever we want" still definitely includes the other members of the band. As singer Vince Neil reminded the Huffington Post in his own interview, "We're not breaking up. Most people think we are, but Motley Crue will still function as Motley Crue. We'll probably still be putting out music time to time for different things, but we're just not touring anymore."

That possibility was reinforced by Mars, who told Yahoo!, "Remember when the Beatles disbanded? They didn't really disband and they did some of their best records because they went and they experimented with all of this cool stuff. We could do that, too. You never know. I'm not saying another Crue album will happen, but I'm not saying it couldn't happen either."

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