Earlier this week, Guns N' Roses were briefly stopped at the Canadian border when a gun was found in their possession. Axl Rose broke the news during the band's performance last night (July 16) at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

The video above starts in the middle of the story, with Rose recalling the conversation with the customs officials. “'You did what? What?,'" he said. "‘Oh, yeah, we found a gun.’ So we weren’t exactly arrested, we were detained.”

Billboard, who found the video, contacted the band for confirmation. “Yes, this indeed happened on Friday, July 15, as they were crossing the border coming from the Philadelphia tour stop on the 14th,” a spokesperson for the band said, adding that the weapon did not belong to any member of the band.

Still, Rose had nothing but kind words to say for the officers. “They were very nice," he continued. "They were very nice. They were very understanding. You know, s--- happens. You can forget you had a f---ing gun. It wasn’t my gun.”

With that story told, Guns N' Roses launched into "Out Ta Get Me," the 19th number in the 28-song set. Last night's show was the only Canadian date of the "Not in This Lifetime..." tour. On Tuesday, July 19, they play the first of two nights at Gilette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. Six weeks ago, the town council refused to allow the band to perform beyond the 11:15PM curfew. The stadium's management had requested for a half-hour extension, but were denied.

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