When it comes to fan-favorite bands in the Tri-States, you can't ignore the impact and fervor the Spazmatics generate every time they come to town. The Chicago-based group most recently rocked Summer's Last Blast back in August, and are poised to do the same when they return to Q Casino on Black Friday!

Complete with their skinny ties, Brill Creamed hair, and horn-rimmed glasses, the Spazmatics redefine "nerdcore." They might look like the kids you used to avoid being seen with in school, but get them on a stage with their instruments, and they'll rival almost any band you've seen live! They play the jams, rockers, and ballads from the 1980s, flaunting their range at every opportunity.

Ahead of the Spazmatics' show at Q Casino on Friday, November 25th, the band's drummer "Eugene" was kind enough to call-in and talk about their upcoming performance, as well as the band's incredible popularity and appeal amongst the Tri-States.

Even though they look like a bunch of nerds (and would probably take that as a compliment), it's all part of an elaborate bait-and-switch, Eugene said:

The great thing about what we do is we can come out on stage and people look at us and are like, 'what is this? You're kidding me, right?' But once we start playing, and [the audience] see the musicianship involved and the interactions with the crowd, it doesn't take very long for them to be, what we call, "Spaz-Addicts!"

Photo Credit: Q Casino
Photo Credit: Q Casino

Eugene also wanted to remind folks who are planning to come out to the Q Showroom for their show on Black Friday to get their tickets in advance, so as not to be disappointed when/if they sellout (which has happened in the past). This is a show you don't want to miss!

You can get tickets to the Spazmatics' show on Q Casino's website. Read more about the band here, and take a listen to my interview with Eugene below!

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