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Kinion Classics Car Show

Row of classic 1955 - 1957 Chevys at a car show.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

We'll be broadcasting live and playing some tunes at Kinion Classic Auto in Clarence, Iowa for their car show this weekend. Find out more below!

Megan Was On The News

Megan was part of a feature about the Quad City Steamwheelers on Quad Cities Live.

Click Here to watch Megan in the Steamwheelers QCL Feature.

Find out more about the Wheelers game this weekend below:

Kevin Costner Not Returning To Yellowstone

Kevin Costner showed up on Instagram last night to tell fans he is not returning to Yellowstone.

Costner Met Madonna

Footage of Costner meeting Madonna has come back around from Truth or Dare in 1991, showing Costner extremely uncomfortable with the idea of being backstage.

Man Hit By Roller Coaster

A guy looking for his keys at King's Island got hit by the Banshee Roller Coaster. He's in critical condition, but still alive.

Chicago Homeowner Fights Off Burglar With A Frying Pan

A Chicago homeowner fought off and chased a would-be burglar around his neighborhood with his weapon of choice - a frying pan.

The burglar was taken away by ambulance once Jason Williams was done with him. If you watch in the video, police showed up just as the burglar was running out of the home to try and get away.

Mailbox Lasagna

Well, it's officially hot enough to break out the ol' Mailbox Lasagna recipe.

Hairball's Mailman Has It Figured Out

It's been in the mid-90s all week and the sun is a sonofabitch. Hairball's mailman has the heat beat with his new hat.