There's no escaping these winter roads when you live in Illinois.

Getting behind the wheel is already a frightening experience since you're relying not only on yourself, but tons of other vehicles around you to stay focused on the road and stay in their lanes.  Add snow to the mix?  No thanks.

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At the beginning of the year, I was passing through Elgin and it was drizzling on the highway.  As I went to turn onto an exit ramp, I hit black ice and flew into a ditch.  Luckily, I was able to get my car out before another car behind me flew into the same spot.  The thought of being in a multi-car pile up scares me to this day.

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If road conditions are not 100% dry I refuse to drive.  Winter is the worst time of year in Illinois, though.  Road conditions are always horrible no matter how much salt they throw down.

Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, and Wisconsin all made the top 15 list of most dangerous winter roads in America.

"Each year, over 1,300 people are killed and more than 116,800 people are injured in vehicle crashes on snowy, slushy, or icy pavements." [highways]



Luckily, Illinois didn't rank #1 as the most dangerous state for winter driving - we left that spot for Michigan.  Every winter, Michigan has an average of 39 deaths due to winter road conditions.

One Of America's Most Dangerous Winter Roads Is In Illinois

Illinois ranked #6 for winter driving danger.  Surprised?

While most of us can't avoid driving on icy or snowy roads in the Midwest, there are so many ways we can prevent another fatality.

Keep essentials in your car, check your windshield fluid, get winter tires, keep your eyes on the road, and always be aware of other vehicles around you.  MoneyGeek has great tips to staying safe this winter.

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