With the advances that the state of Illinois have made with the legalization of marijuana, what are your rights with using it on your own property? WCIA

So you legally posses marijuana, the right amount of marijuana...and you want to light it up in your backyard, is that still against the law? I mean the pot you have is legal, but is there rules of the "where," still?

Here's the legal question and answer if you are renting your property:

Can landlords prohibit use on their property? What should law enforcement do if someone calls and says a neighbor in an apartment is smoking marijuana? - 


Yes, landlords can prohibit marijuana use on their property. If someone calls the police about a violation, and you respond and discover the smell of marijuana smoke, we view this as a violation of the landlord’s policy. We suggest that a person file a complaint with the landlord. - ILCHIEFS

O.K. so that's the renting thing, but what about if you own your home...Can you legally smoke week in your yard?

Can people smoke marijuana on their front porch and in their back yard? - 

 Use of marijuana is legal in your home if you own it, or if the owner approves of marijuana use, as long as a person makes a reasonable effort not to partake in proximity to a person under the age of 21 - ILCHIEFS

So there you go...if you own it, you can smoke it. If you rent it, maybe not.

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