Seems like we are all tied to our electronic devices these days.  Whether it's a laptop computer like the one I'm using to type this. Or a cell phone or work computer, we spend the majority of our time on these devices.

Here's your chance to "unplug" and relax with a good book.  And in this case, it's actually two books. Both were written by Iowa Native Linda Betsinger McCann.  And now you get to meet the author.
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Iowa native, Linda Betsinger McCann, will be speaking in this area about both books. And there's plenty of chance to meet her.  On Monday, Oct. 10, she will be at the Asbury Library at 6:30 pm, speaking about her book Prohibition in Eastern Iowa. On Tuesday, Oct. 11, she will be at the Cascade Library at 1:30 pm, speaking on Prisoners of War In Iowa.
That same day, she will be at the Textile Brewing in Dyersville,at 6 pm, speaking on her Prohibition book. The Dyersville Library is assisting with this event. On Wednesday, Oct. 12, Linda will be at the Holy Cross Library speaking on the POW book. Everyone is welcome and there is no admission charge.
Linda writes about little-known aspects of Iowa's history. She finds something that she knows little about, researches it, and finds people with memories of the event. She enjoys talking to people who lived it and then sharing that with her audiences.

Prohibition was the period in U.S. history when it was illegal to manufacture, sell or transport liquor. So, why then did Iowa farmers begin using their corn to produce alcohol? Linda spoke with the children of moonshiners and bootleggers and shares their memories.

Iowa had about 25,000 German, Italian, and Japanese prisoners of war from 1942 to 1946. Algona and Clarinda were the main camps, with each housing about 3,000 POWs. There were 19 branch camps around the state where the prisoners worked on farms, in canning factories, and seed corn companies. Linda was able to speak with people who knew or worked with the prisoners.
Linda has had 14 nonfiction Iowa history books published. Her newest book is Prisoners of War in Iowa. She will have copies of all her books available for purchase.

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