You think it’s tough shredding on a guitar? Try it on a bass. Thicker strings, more distance between the frets, lower dynamic range… these stupidly fast bassists are truly the most impressive axe-wielders in rock and metal.

Red Hot Chili PeppersFlea is a bonafide freak on a four-string. The funk-rock bassist wouldn’t be caught dead using a pick, so he’s fingered and slapped his way through one of the greatest careers in modern rock. Taking his chops from funk’s best players, Flea has been able to bring unrivaled technicality and speed to mainstream music.

How did a band as weird as Primus become so popular? Les Claypool’s bass playing is a huge piece of the equation. With his custom Pachyderm around the musician’s shoulder, Claypool’s experimentation travels along his bass’ entire neck. Speed is just one piece of Claypool’s arsenal, but it’s brought him admiration from low-enders everywhere.

Ever seen Origin’s Mike Flores go off on his five-string? The player’s speed and technicality is absolutely absurd, especially when you see how energetic he is live. “Makes it look easy” doesn’t even begin to describe Flores’ chops. When Flores goes into hyperdrive, it’s best to just let your jaw drop.

Check out these 10 Stupidly Fast Bassists in Rock + Metal in the Loud List above.

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