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Tri State Happenings
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Saturday, June 15th:

A Benefit for Willow LuGrain and "Willow's Warriors" will be held on Saturday, June 15th from 3-8pm at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds at 14569 Old Hwy Road. The event will feature a live auction, a silent auction, bake sale, food, a bar, and music.

On March 21st, 2024, Willow was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Willow will travel to Iowa City Children's Hospital for the next 2.5 years for treatments and procedures 1-3 times a week. Please join her friends and family to support and help Willow win the battle.

If interested in making a donation for the bake sale, auctions, food, etc, or any further questions about the vent, contact: Billi LuGrain (563-562-5822) or Corene LuGrain (513-827-0234).

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