If you don't know a 1040 from a 10-speed, you're in luck.

We are in the thick of tax season, so College Humor decided to lend a hand with these "5 Tips For People Who Don't Understand Taxes."

An organization with the word "humor" in the title offering to help people with their taxes is clearly a recipe for winding up in jail for fraud, so you know this video (that's slightly NSFW for language) is not to be taken seriously. Because if you do take it for real we have three letters for you: I-R-S. An agent will show up at your front door faster than the time it takes to write off that visit to Go-Go Rama as a business expense.

Let the pros at H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt or that guy who your cousin recommended who works in an unmarked office in a condemned building do their due diligence in getting as much money back from Uncle Sam as possible. And once you realize that you committed a blunder by hiring an accountant who spells it "tacks season," you can let this clip provide you with some laughs to help balance the tears you'll shed when you find out that you owe roughly the national debt of Senegal.

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