Thankfully, after being pronounced dead and being brought back to life, these seven rock stars didn’t develop a hankering for human flesh. Nope, they just kept making great music, but with a new appreciation for the fragility of life.

It’s hard to believe we almost lost guitar god Slash during his initial run with Guns N’ Roses. Former GN’R manager John Reese found the guitarist “blue” with “no pulse.” Paramedics rushed to the scene, reviving Slash with a shot of adrenaline to the heart.

Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx was actually with Slash during his own “back to life” moment. Having overdosed on heroin and failing to be revived by Guns N’ Roses members, an ambulance came to the scene and attempted to revive the legally dead Nikki Sixx. Paramedics had given up hope on bringing Sixx back, but one of the workers was a Motley Crue fan and recognized the bassist. After not one, but two, adrenaline shots, Sixx’s heart started beating again and the musician’s life was saved by one of his biggest fans.

Ministry’s Al Jourgensen should occupy multiple places on this list, because the frontman had been pronounced dead on three separate occasions. During a 2013 Loudwire interview with Jourgensen, the Ministry mastermind said, “There's been three times where I've been dead. One of them I truly recognized as a life-changing kind of spiritual thing where you know there's an afterlife. The other two, I think I was just too fucked up to know I was dead.”

Check out these 7 Rock Stars Who Died & Came Back to Life in the Loud List above.

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