Alter Bridge are the latest act to team up with graphic novel powerhouse Z2 Comics for a new band-branded graphic novel. Fans can look for the upcoming Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors coming this fall.

The music-inspired graphic novel takes a page out of traditional comic horror anthologies like Tales From the Crypt, Creepy and Vault of Horrors with Marvel Comics writer Emily Ryan Lerner and a cast of top artists taking fans on a fun-filled ride of thrills and chills.

As for what fans can expect, the description reads: "When one of Alter Bridge’s roadies goes missing, they find a GHOULISH replacement! And what better way to pass the time between gigs than with four terrifying tales that are sure to keep you up all night!"

This graphic novel is 120 pages in length and will be released in a standard hardcover edition in comic shops and bookstores this November. And to celebrate their first ever foray into the comics world, the band is issuing their first-ever vinyl edition of their 2004 debut album One Day Remains as part of a deluxe edition bundle. There are special deluxe, super deluxe edition and super-duper deluxe editions available for preorder through the Z2 website.

“After 17 years making music and touring the world, there aren’t many opportunities for a rock band to do something they’ve never done before. After partnering with Josh [Frankel] and the whole Z2 staff to create Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors, we can now check create a horror comic off our bucket list. We can’t wait for people to read this original story we came up with. It is equally exciting we are finally getting to release One Day Remains on vinyl thanks to this incredible partnership,” reveals Alter Bridge in a statement.

Publisher Josh Frankel adds, “Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors is another testament to our commitment to the vision of the artist. While some of our releases are directly tied to the storylines of the albums themselves, our mission is simply to provide a home for these musicians to expose their fans to a whole new side of their artistic palette, uninhibited by their previous musical work or otherwise. This book is guaranteed to please both fans of the classic horror anthology and Alter Bridge fans seeking something new.”

Check out the cover art for Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors below.

Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors Front Cover Artwork

Z2 Comics
Z2 Comics

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