If there's anything we've learned from rock history, it's that it's very difficult to keep a band together.

We've seen huge feuds, lineup changes and breaks. Some groups had only been temporary side projects that decided to bring their legendary works back to light. Whatever the case may be, the last decade saw a lot of band reunions in the rock and metal world.

Guns N' Roses were one of the biggest, considering the beef between Axl Rose and Slash seemed it would never dissipate. Their reunion tour, which also included bassist Duff McKagan and sporadic appearances from drummer Steven Adler, would last three years, and gross over $580 million.

2019 alone saw Rage Against the Machine, My Chemical Romance and the Black Crowes reconcile and announce tours for 2020. The year of the reunion.

Motley Crue embarked on their "final tour," signed an agreement which would prevent them from ever touring again and then destroyed it four years later when they saw the demand for their return.

The list goes on. Scroll through the gallery below to see 20 rock and metal bands that reunited within the last decade, at one point or another.

20 Rock + Metal Bands That Reunited in the Last Decade

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