The Beatles tear through "Boys" on the newly remixed and remastered Live at the Hollywood Bowl. You can listen to the track above.

The song, originally a B-side for the Shirelles in 1960, served as a showcase for Ringo Starr on vocals. Performed on Aug. 23, 1964, this new live version of "Boys" captures the hysteria surrounding the Beatles' early tours, but also brings Starr's vocal and his bandmates' fun shouts of "bop-shoo-wop" into the foreground.

Giles Martin, son of the Beatles' late longtime producer George Martin, oversaw the update of Live at the Hollywood Bowl along with engineer Sam Okell. He returned to the original three-track tapes of the concert, which was originally released in 1977 with a muddy mix that found the band drowned out by crowd noise.

Due Sept. 9 in conjunction with Ron Howard's documentary Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years, Live at the Hollywood Bowl benefits from improved remastering techniques not available when George Martin rescued the old Beatles tapes from a storage facility where they had languished for a decade. George Harrison's solo on "Boys" particularly leaps out in this new preview.

"Technology has moved on since my father worked on the material all those years ago," Giles Martin said in a statement. "Now there's improved clarity, and so the immediacy and visceral excitement can be heard like never before. ... What we hear now is the raw energy of four lads playing together to a crowd that loved them. This is the closest you can get to being at the Hollywood Bowl at the height of Beatlemania."

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