One of the points of contention between Paul McCartney and the other Beatles that led to their 1970 breakup was his desire to be managed by his future father-in-law and brother-in-law, Lee and John Eastman. Two historic letters pertaining to that matter are now available for sale.

Moments in Time has a letter sent to John Eastman dated January 1969 in which they "retain you and authorise and direct you to act on our behalf in negotiations in respect of all contracts proposed to be entered into by us throughout the world." It was signed by Neil Aspinall of Apple Corps and McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (as Richard Starkey).

However, by April, one month after McCartney had married the former Linda Eastman, the others had changed their minds. Lennon now preferred Allen Klein, the former Rolling Stones manager whom he had recently named as his personal manager, and convinced Harrison and Starr that Klein was the better man for the job.

They sent a letter to Lee Eastman that read, "This is to inform you of the fact that you are not authorized to act of to hold yourself as the attourney or legal representative of 'The Beatles' or of any of the companies which the Beatles own or control. We recognize that you are authorized to act for Paul McCartney, personally, and in this regard we will instruct our representatives to give you the fullest co--operation."

It closed by requesting that all documents pertaining to the Beatles' affairs be forwarded to Klein at his New York office.

The first letter can be purchased for $225,000 while the second has an asking price of $325,000.


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