When Bon Jovi released their classic Slippery When Wet 30 years ago, they couldn’t have possibly anticipated that fans one day would be carrying their albums around on their phones or simply streaming them.

The band launches the next chapter of its lengthy career today with the arrival of This House Is Not for Sale, its 13th album, which Bon Jovi are celebrating with an exclusive Pandora Mixtape, Runaway Radio, curated by frontman Jon Bon Jovi.

The mix includes songs from the new album plus selected Bon Jovi classics and some of the singer's personal picks, which he says represents “some of my favorite artists and songs that I just can’t get enough of.”

“The inspiration of the title for this album, This House Is Not for Sale came from a photograph,” he says. “They say, ‘Every picture tells a story.’ Well, this one sure did. An artist by the name of Jerry Uelsmann [took a black and white photograph] back in 1982. I was thumbing through a magazine one day, and I saw this picture, and it just told its story to me. It reminded me very much of where the band was, is and is headed. This house, represented us, the four walls with a story to tell. A deep-rooted, big, proud, stone house in disrepair, but going nowhere.”

With the title track, which leads off the record, the story quickly began to unfold, according to Bon Jovi. “As the album begins, it says, ‘These four walls have got a story to tell.’ It goes on to say, ‘No wrecking ball could knock it down, this house was built on higher ground.’ I discuss our legacy, and I also believed that our future was bright. We started [with that as] the cornerstone of this record and the storyline continues with the next song called ‘Living With the Ghost.’

“The beauty of writing a song is that, once you share it with the listener, with you, the stories that I write very personally about places and things that I've been through, become your stories,” he explains. “Then, you relate them to your own lives. We've done that before, whether it's just ‘Livin' on a Prayer,’ fictional characters like Tommy and Gina or ‘It's My Life’ -- ‘Like Frankie said / I did it my way.’ Truth is, I was thinking about Frank Sinatra, and you guys have said, ‘No, that's me. That's my buddy. That's my brother. That's my life.’”

This House Is Not for Sale is “very personal to me and the guys,” Bon Jovi says. “[It’s] proud, loud, independent and with no reservations. This is a record that we're very proud of. We believe it's a rebirth -- and we had nothing to hide behind. We've been at this a long time. The beauty of having that relationship with [the fans] for over 30 years is that, we've been through it together. Let's continue the journey.”

He says that they’re looking forward to sharing “these songs and stories” with the fans on the road. The band recently wrapped up a short tour that began in Red Bank N.J., where they played the entire album in full for the first time at four intimate shows. They'll return to the road for an arena tour in support of the album in early 2017 with 20 shows, beginning on Feb. 8 in Greenville, S.C.

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