Imagine being on top of the MidwestOne Bank building and looking down that long stretch knowing that you'll be taking a leap of faith to better your community. That's exactly what community leaders will be doing this September at the Over the Edge event in Dubuque.

What is Over the Edge Dubuque?

Over the Edge is an event to support United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States (UWDATS), which provides funding for many local non-profits. During the event, dozens of brave Edgers will have the opportunity to rappel down the MidwestOne Bank building in exchange for collecting donations to United Way. All funds raised will go to UWDATS' Community Impact fund, which supports 33 LOCAL programs impacting health, education, and financial stability & income.

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Meet Amy Jenkins, Brave Rappeller

Amy Jenkins, Chief Operating Officer of Challenge to Change, Inc. will be “going over the edge” in September on behalf of Mindful Minutes for Schools. Mindful Minutes for Schools is a local non-profit that helps support funding for wellness education opportunities in schools in the tri-state area, including Challenges to Change Yoga and Mindfulness programming.

Credit: Mindful Minutes for Schools / United Way / Canva
Credit: Mindful Minutes for Schools / United Way / Canva

In addition, Mindful Minutes for Schools has also funded Medical Mindfulness programming for nurse trainees at NICC and has plans for exciting expansion ideas for the surrounding areas in the upcoming year!

Why is Amy Going Over the Edge?

Amy’s WHY for going over the edge is to raise awareness for the amazing contributions that both Mindful Minutes for Schools and United Way are making within the tri-state communities. She feels that she could have benefited from self-regulation and mindfulness tools at a young age and wants to provide that opportunity for as many people as possible!

How to Help 'Over the Edge' Dubuque

If you'd like to give to Amy while she prepares to go over the edge visit this page.

Attend: Over the Edge on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 at MidWestOne Bank building 895 Main St., Dubuque.

I Can't Make It to the Event, What Else Can I Do?

To raise funds for this event, a Coffee Truck Fundraiser will be held at the Challenge to Change studio on Friday, August 25th from 8:30-10:30 am. During this time, Bob & Lou’s full coffee truck menu will be available in exchange for a donation to Mindful Minutes for Schools.

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