YouTubers Andrew Baena and Johnny Ciardullo clearly have an ear for some of metal's most absurd hallmarks, among them being bands' penchant for shouting ridiculous things before a breakdown hits. In a handful of separate videos, the two embraced this concept, but instead screamed a variety of pickup lines, tongue twisters and compliments in the style of the ever popular breakdown callout.

The shortest of the video clips are the two dedicated to pickup lines, and they also happen to be the funniest, mainly because the pickup lines are so mind-numbingly stupid. Here's an example: "Do you drink soda? Because you like sodalicious!" And here's another: "Did you just fart? Because you blew me away?"


The tongue twister clip may not be as much of a knee-slapper as the pair of pickup line videos, but for anyone who has ever attempted screaming/harsh/extreme vocal styles, you already know the inherent struggle of clear enunciation. Add in some lines that are tough to say ordinarily, and you've got six minutes of quality entertainment.

There was even one line, "I saw Suzy sitting in a shoeshine shop," that was too difficult to say and it was discarded.

The last video highlighted here is full of lovely compliments, which is pretty hilarious to hear in the context of music that sounds like someone is about to elbow you in the throat in the pit in about five seconds.

Watch all of the videos directly below.

Pickup Lines as Breakdown Callouts

Tongue Twisters as Breakdown Callouts

Compliments as Breakdown Callouts

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