If you’re an American with cable TV, chances are you watched the premiere of Sharknado 5: Global Swarming last night on Syfy. Spolier Alert: Bret Michaels made one of the film’s many celebrity cameos, with the Poison frontman ultimately getting eaten by a shark in London.

Has Sharknado finally jumped the shark? Not if you were paying attention to Twitter last night. The online world went nuts yet again for Sharknado, with its fifth movie perhaps being the most ridiculous yet. Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson couldn’t even share a stunningly beautiful thought without the damn shark movie being brought up:

Anyway, Bret Michaels’ cameo was one of the film’s highlights. The Poison legend was almost taken out by a double decker bus before he even got a crack at the sharks. Somehow, he survived the collision, but Michaels became stuck in the bus’ front bumper. With guitar in hand, Michaels made the best out of a crappy situation and started playing as the Sharknado protagonists dodged falling sharks raining down on the streets of London.

Michaels became a bonafide shark destroyer by killing one of the fiendish creatures with the business end of a Flying V. Bret’s kill count stopped at one, however, thanks to the bus tipping over and a shark inhaling everyone’s favorite bandana’d rocker.

And we thought Rock of Love was a disaster… Watch Bret Michaels’ Sharknado 5 cameo in the clip above!

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