The family of Brian Howe has released the song “Going Home,” the first material to be unveiled since the singer’s death in May.

Howe, who is best remembered for his stints with Bad Company and Ted Nugent, originally wrote “Going Home” alongside producer Brooks Paschal. The track’s lyrics offer a tender examination of mortality, inspired by the death of Howe’s mother in 2016.

"We knew that it was going to be the next important song,” Paschal admitted to the Fort Myers News-Press. “We always knew it was gonna be a home run."

The collaborators created “Going Home” in Howe’s Florida home. According to Paschal, the track came together easily. “It happened so fast,” the producer recalled. “I don’t even remember him struggling to write the melody and the lyrics. When Brian was on and he loved something, it was so fluid.”

"This is one of the last songs Brian wrote and recorded and, as it turns out, sadly it was very prophetic," added Howe’s manager, Paul Easton. "The song really touched everybody in the office when they first heard it. And today, as we work on the release, it is still a tough one to listen to."

You can watch the video for “Going Home” below.

Even though Howe’s loved ones continue to struggle with his death, there remains the possibility of more posthumous releases. The singer reportedly had recorded 15 songs with Paschal, as well as new versions of the Bad Company songs “If You Needed Somebody,” “Holy Water” and “No Smoke Without Fire.” The tracks were originally earmarked for a new album, but now their fate remains uncertain.

"We have to assess what is there, how many songs are finished or close to being done and, of course, are they up to Brian’s exacting standards," Easton explained. “He was a very hard critic of his own work, and we have to be sure and maintain those standards.”


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