The School of Rock organization has been providing kids with performance-based music lessons throughout over 185 schools around the world and we've been the benefactors of the hard work these young ones put in. Here, a group of Chicago students run through the nuanced demands of Judas Priest's immortal "Victim of Changes."

The Sad Wings of Destiny cut is renowned for its swinging tempo changes, hard-grooving mid-tempo rhythms, moody atmospheres and the stunning vocal prowess of Rob Halford. Taking on such a classic track may seem daunting to most, but these kids didn't sign up just to meander through the riff to "Smoke on the Water" over and over; they're up for the challenge!

Opening with those familiar spotlight twin leads, the band quickly finds the pocket, settling into the backbone riff of "Victim of Changes." The young girl up front has perhaps the most difficult task of anyone in the group, but she handles it with aplomb, ascending to airy highs over the falsetto moments and shows her true power when holding out the word "changes" over the minimalist section before the crescendoing energy gives way to the guitar solo.

It's another job well done from the School of Rock and we'll never tire of seeing the newest generation of headbangers honor such time-tested classics that helped lay the foundation for heavy metal!

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