Back in May, Chris Cornell learned that his alleged stalker Jessica Leigh Robbins had shed her GPS-monitor and missed a court appearance, leading to a warrant for her arrest being issued by the FBI. According to TMZ, Robbins showed up to Cornell's Wednesday night (July 6) performance in Louisville, but was quickly cuffed and taken away by police after she was spotted trying to enter the venue.

According to TMZ, Cornell has had a photo of Robbins handy at every tour stop with security on high alert to stop her. She will now have to answer to the feds after breaking the conditions of her bail.

In 2014, Robbins had reportedly been making threats toward Cornell and his family and was arrested for her actions. In the events leading up to her arrest, it was believed that Robbins attempted to enter the singer's Miami home in the fall of 2013. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Robbins had driven seven hours to Tampa in an attempt to talk to the singer, but was unable to enter the elevator to his home when she didn't have the key. Robbins had also made numerous online threats from multiple social media accounts. She had claimed to be the mother of one of his children, claimed that Cornell had plagiarized her writings and attempted to report the singer's wife for child abuse among other actions.

Robbins was eventually given bail and was required to wear a GPS monitor so that authorities knew of her location. But after shedding the monitor in May, she had not surfaced until police captured her at the Louisville show.

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