A busy week of posthumous Chris Cornell-related news continues with word that he'll be part of an upcoming Johnny Cash album.

Johnny Cash Forever Words: The Music features material inspired by never-before-published poems found after Cash died in 2003. Some of the items, which were published in book form last year, dated back to when the country legend was just a boy in the '40s. This spinoff project began when Brad Paisley set one of Cash's poems to music for his current release Love and War.

Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, invited Cornell to participate before his death back in May. Cash memorably covered Soundgarden on 1996's Unchained, offering a take on "Rusty Cage" from Badmotorfinger. Jewel, Kacey Musgraves and T-Bone Burnett are also part of this new project, which as of now has no release date.

Yesterday, a music video for Cornell's contribution to the forthcoming film The Promise was unveiled. The production, starring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, is set during the Armenian Genocide of 1914. That refugee-focused framework gives the Cornell track an utterly contemporary feel.

Cornell's family also recently released touching Father's Day messages to the fallen singer. His body was found in a Detroit hotel room last month, and Cornell's passing was quickly ruled a suicide – something the 52-year-old's widow contested. She pointed to prescription drug use as a mitigating factor.

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