Dave Grohl recently celebrated his birthday ahead of the 2020 Dimebash, but there was one gift still to be granted for this year's celebration. We partnered with Ron Williams of Ronzworld Guitars to gift the Foo Fighters leader with a special guitar at the Dimebash post-party, where Grohl was grilling up food with his Backbeat Barbecue crew.

Gear Factor host, The Music Experience's Squiggy, was on hand to present Grohl with a stylish new Backbeat Barbecue-themed guitar that had been custom painted. "Shut the fuck up," Grohl marveled upon first seeing the instrument, then was in utter shock when it was presented for him to keep.

The front of the guitar has the Backbeat Barbecue logo, while the back has the look of a cutting board. Rita Haney, Dimebag Darrell's girlfriend, can also be heard telling Grohl that there's a special guitar that was created for Dime that she wants to show Grohl as well.

“This is so fucking rad,” says a truly touched Grohl, who is so excited that he immediately wants to take it and show it to his Backbeat Barbecue crew.

When he's not busy grilling, Grohl has been spending time of late recording Foo Fighters next studio album. The band will return to the concert stage in April. See all their dates here. And check out some of the Backbeat Barbecue apparel and accessories here.

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