Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has earned the "Good Guy Grohl" moniker over the years for how he deals with others, but if you ever wanted to see what a hang with the musician over some drinks and hot wings might be like, we suggest you check out his recent appearance on the popular series Hot Ones.

The singer reveals his fandom of the show with host Sean Evans, even recounting some of his favorite moments over the history of the series. But rather that just simply fielding questions from Evans and chomping down increasingly hot wings in the process, the singer offers to do shots with the host throughout, making for a looser show that got increasingly more fun as the show progressed.

Grohl started by making Pantera's favorite shot, the Blacktooth grin, and both the singer and host continued to down shots while making their way through the assortment of hot sauces and wings over the 30-minute episode.

Given the theme of hot sauces, Evans questions Grohl, who has become a barbecue master as well, about his favorite rub and what he prefers when it comes to barbecuing. "I like a real good mix of just salt and pepper, no matter what I bring out whether it's pork or beef," says Grohl. "You can get fancy with sugars. You can get fancy with cumin and things like that, but I'm really simple when it comes to that stuff because it really comes down to the time, the temperature and the smoke."

The conversation also delved into music, with Evans questioning Grohl about what people often get wrong when it comes to discussing the skills of drummers. "My sign of a good drummer is if you hear about 15 seconds of their playing and you know who it is, no matter how technical, you just know who it is," says Grohl. "It's the feel and the feel is indefinable. It's like a fingerprint."

Within the episode, Grohl also addressed some of his most intense performance injuries he's suffered, his relationship with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live, how production can affect the final product of an album, what he's learned from covering other people's songs and his fascination with UFOs.

By midway into the episode, both host and guest were feeling not only the wings but their shots. And toward the end of the episode it became quite apparent how much of a fan of Hot Ones Dave truly is.

"I gotta be honest. I'm not kidding dude. When I was a kid, I learned to love music watching Saturday Night Live and I walked onto that set for the first time in 1992 like, 'Holy shit, I'm here.' As a teenager I watched the David Letterman show every fucking night as I did bong hit after bong hit after bong hit and I walked out onto that stage like, 'Oh my God, I'm here,'" recalled Grohl, then adding, "For years I've watched this fucking show and I finally walked onto this set and saw those sauces and saw your face and was like, 'Yes! Bucket list! Bam!' The only thing I have left in my life to do is jam with AC/DC," exclaimed the singer.

Finishing out with the hottest wing, Grohl takes it in stride, before revealing that he actually had the hot sauce in question at home and was used to the sauce.

Watch the hilarious episode below and be sure to catch Foo Fighters' Studio 666 in theaters tomorrow (Feb. 25) and catch the band on tour.

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