Chicken or fish? Not quite.

Domino's has unveiled a pizza wedding registry for engaged couples. A spokeswoman for the chain said it only makes sense:

"Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so we wanted to give recently-engaged couples that are passionate about pizza the chance to register for something they both truly love as much as their partner. Choosing wedding gifts can be a daunting process, especially if couples can't agree on what to register for. Our registry aims to bring couples together over their shared love of pizza....We hear often from customers that Domino's was a part of their big day, from proposals to after-hours meals at their wedding. We wanted to make it easier for people to ask for and receive something that they'll really use."

"Our customers constantly tell and show us on social media how pizza plays a role in their wedding, whether it's for the bridal party, a late-night treat for the reception and other day-of experiences," adds Kate Trumbull, Domino's digital marketing director. "We wanted to make it easier for people to request something fun they’ll get excited about. Who doesn't love pizza?"

What separates this registry from others is that, unlike traditional ones, is that you can use it prior to the wedding - think bachelor party -- during the big day, or after.

Gift cards are available in denominations between $20 and $100.

Of course, maybe you're not a Domino's fan. If that's the case, perhaps you and your soon-to-be better half want to take a tour of cities with beloved pizza.

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