Keeping the family busy and engaged this summer isn’t hard in Dubuque, if you know where to look! The City of Dubuque Recreation Division has a variety of programs and activities to keep your family fit and having fun. Their mission is to provide the local community with equitable, high-quality, and inclusive opportunities, to create impactful experiences.

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The Miracle League of Dubuque Baseball League serves children and adults who suffer from any physical or mental disabilities, which causes them to be excluded, whether intentionally or not, from conventional baseball leagues. The program is free and both spring and fall leagues are available.

Adult sports like softball and volleyball, have leagues of varying skill; competitive, intermediate, and recreational. Loads of options and places to provide all your favorite activities; like our local swimming pools, the multicultural family center, miracle league and more. In addition, Bunker Hill has many different opportunities to get active for the whole family.

Speaking of family, the Leisure Services Department does provide up to 200 qualifying low-income families with $125 scholarship credit which can be used for program registration, pavilion rentals, and other services that are provided through the department. Any approved applicant may use their credits upon completion of the application process. For any scholarship funds that are still out for Winter/Spring 2022, they expire on June 30th.

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And if you are looking for family friendly activities and events keep your eye open for the “Let's Go! Dubuque Activities Guide” This magazine is published three times per year: Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall. It includes recreational and educational programs through the Recreation Division including parent and child classes, youth enrichment classes, karate, after-school sports, adult athletics, swimming lessons, adaptive sports, and more! It also features programs at the Multicultural Family Center and Carnegie-Stout Public Library. The next interactive book has officially been published. Look to fill your summer with the awesome events and activities features in the guide below!

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The New Summer 2022 Let's Go Dubuque Activities Guide is Here!

From cooking to sports, and art to treasure hunts; this summer could be a blast for you and your family! The City of Dubuque Recreation Division has hundreds of activities planned. The summer guide also includes information on swim lessons at Flora Pool, and programs and events at Bunker Hill Golf Course, the Multicultural Family Center, and the Carnegie-Stout Public Library.


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