Hey Dubuque! Exciting news – we’ve got a black bear passing through town today! I'm sure you've already seen it making the rounds on the socials and the news. While it’s thrilling to have a wild visitor, let’s make sure we keep both ourselves, our pets, and the bear safe. Find a compilation of Dubuque's recent bear related pics and videos below.

Here's what the city of Dubuque wants you to know:

Key Safety Tips:

  1. Give the Bear Space: Admire from a distance. No selfies or close encounters, please!
  2. Don’t Gather: Keep crowds away. Let’s avoid stressing our furry friend.
  3. Stay Safe: Interacting with the bear can be dangerous for everyone involved.

The Bear Aware Basics to Know:

Did you know Iowa might have 1 to 5 black bears this spring, mostly in the northeast and Tri-State area? Here’s how we can all help keep our new neighbor safe and happy:

  • Secure Your Trash: Keep garbage, recyclables, and compost inside a sturdy building or a bear-proof container until trash day.
  • Clean Up Grills: Make sure grills and smokers are clean and stored inside.
  • Pet Food: Feed your pets inside or bring their bowls back in after meals.
  • Birdfeeders: Avoid using birdfeeders from April to June, or hang them high (at least 10 feet up and 4 feet away from any structure).
  • Electric Fencing: Protect beehives, chicken coops, gardens, and orchards.
  • Camp Smart: Keep campsites clean. Store food, toiletries, and trash securely. No food or toiletries in tents!

Hiking and Outdoor Fun:

  • Make Noise: Clap, sing, or talk loudly while hiking to avoid surprising a bear.
  • Buddy System: Hike in groups if you can.
  • Leash Your Dog: Keep your furry friends close.
  • Be Alert: Watch for signs of bears like tracks or scat and avoid those areas.
  • Leave Bears Alone: Give them space and make sure they have an escape route.

Black bears are generally shy and non-aggressive, and bear attacks are extremely rare. By removing potential food sources, keeping our distance, and staying aware, we can enjoy nature while keeping everyone safe. Many states coexist with black bears, and we can too! For more tips and info on living with bears, check out www.bearwise.org. Stay safe, Dubuque, and happy bear watching!

Hiking Trails and Nature near Dubuque, Iowa

Nature and hiking areas around the Dubuque, IA area.

Gallery Credit: Tom Ehlers

The Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

A stroll through the Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens in Early Spring

Gallery Credit: Tom Ehlers

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