In an increasingly hectic world, few things in life are as rewarding as serving one's community. It's especially true during the Covid Pandemic. Still, Lisa Kloft found the time and has been recognized nationally for making outstanding contributions through her work with the Dubuque Jaycees. 

Photo Credit: Dubuque Jaycees
Photo Credit: Dubuque Jaycees

Lisa Kloft received the National Heidi Juttner Memorial Award presented annually to outstanding local Vice Presidents of the United States Junior Chamber, also known as the Jaycees. 

Kloft was nominated by the local chapter and state Jaycees board before receiving the national award for her dedication and innovative ideas for the past year.  

As Community Involvement Vice President, Lisa's actions included the Hills and Dales Easter Egg Hunt and Washington Park holiday decorating. Additionally, Kloft participated in a community event at least once per quarter, coordinated potential service work opportunities, and sought out other avenues for fundraising.  

Despite COVID's restrictions, Kloft found creative ways for the Jaycees to participate in the annual Hills & Dales Easter Egg Hunt. She also organized s at the Dubuque Arboretum. This excellent volunteer opportunity was COVID friendly and allowed the Jaycees to use their green thumbs in the great outdoors. 

Kloft also organized volunteers to help with Five Flags arena concerts and events. She also found ways for the Jaycees to support the local Optimists and the Dubuque County Fair by selling tickets for beverages. 

Finally, Lisa organized the annual decorating of Washington Park during the Christmas season.

Kloft's award is named in honor of Heidi Juttner. She served as Florida Jaycees' State President from 1995-to 96. The award was presented recently at the Jaycee Spring Convention held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

The Jaycees are an International organization of citizens dedicated to providing development opportunities that empower young people seeking to create positive change in their communities.

Congratulations to Lisa Kloft and the Dubuque Jaycees for their national recognition and contributions to the Greater Dubuque Community.

To learn more about the Dubuque Jaycees, upcoming training, and events such as the annual Third of July fireworks, visit�� 

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