According to reports and social media posts from people associated with the business, Gino's East of Dubuque, located in the historic downtown Dubuque Millwork District, closed its doors for good on Wednesday, May 10th.

According to the above Facebook comment, after 22 months of operation credit card analytics showed that there was a failure to secure repeat business as only 1 in 4 customers were returning ones. This led to a sales decline.

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The owners/operators have concluded, based on that information, that the market for Deep Dish Chicago Pizza under the Gino's East brand was not broad enough in the Dubuque market to secure sales at levels that would consistently meet or exceed expenses.

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Credit: Gino's East of Dubuque Facebook Page / Canva Elements

The Gino's East website states, they've been offering LEGENDARY CHEESE PULLS SINCE 1966. Gino’s East famous Chicago-style deep dish pizza has been made the same way it was over 50 years ago. However, it seems that will no longer be available to the local Dubuque market anymore.

Credit: Gino's East National Website
Credit: Gino's East National Website

The Dubuque location has already been removed from the national Gino's website. However, as of now this will not affect the Comedy Bar, which is still in operation.

Credit: Gino's East / Comedy Club Websites
Credit: Gino's East / Comedy Club Websites Upcoming Shows

The Stand-up comedy club is located inside Novelty Iron building in historic downtown Dubuque, and serves drinks. All guests must be ages 17+ to enter and 21+ to drink. Gift certificates and other items that specify both Gino's East in Dubuque and the Comedy club will still be accepted there. For tickets and more information visit their website here.

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