If you haven't realized yet, Eagle 102.3 is THE place to tune in to this Memorial Day Weekend. We're kicking off the Classic Rock Memorial Day 500.


That's right!

The top songs in classic rock; from #500 to #1, starting this Friday at 4pm and finishing up on Monday Night at 7pm. These are the biggest classic rock songs of all time with some surprises and flavor added in. It’s always controversial as to what should be #1 or even in the top 25. Who makes it on your list? Will the newest additions to classic rock like Metallica, Nirvana, or Pearl Jam break the top 100, the top 25!? How will stallwarts like the Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, and Queen do? What are your thoughts? Tune in and see this weekend during the Classic Rock Memorial Day 500.

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The Memorial Day 500 Schedule is as follows:

Friday 5/27               4pm to 12 midnight

Saturday 5/28          10am to 12 midnight

Sunday 5/29             10am to 12 midnight

Memorial Day  5/30   10am to 7pm

Celebrate big this Memorial Day and enjoy the top 500 songs in Classic Rock on Eagle 102.3, the Tri-States Classic Rock Station!

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