Wingbowl II is back with Eagle 102 inside TPC Sports Bar every Friday night in January at Mystique Casino!  Eating wings could win you cash prizes, but that's not the only way to win!  

Ladies, it's your chance to win cash prizes during Wingbowl II!

Ladies, get ready to compete in the Wing Ette For the Money Contest!  Just post a "selfie" of yourself on the Eagle 102 Facebook page and we'll randomly select 4 women to join us each Friday night in January to compete in the game show Wing Ette For the Money!  All ladies selected are guaranteed $25 in cash and could win up to $1,100 from Mystique Casino!  Find full details and official rules by visiting Mystique Casino at 1855 Greyhound Park Drive in Dubuque.

Remember, Wingbowl II is free to attend each week, and you can register for a new set of golf clubs and a season pass to Timberline Golf Course, where 2014 season passes are now available!