I like food; a simple statement really.

The simple pleasures in life are really some of the best things and in our busy day-to-day lives fast-food has become very prominent; however it's always the same; "Yeah, can I get a #1, small fries, and a coke," am I right? But day after day, no thanks. Well the creators at HellthyJunkFood on TikTok have an extensive list that can help you, we'll say, mix it up a bit with your favorite fast-food menus and sometimes even save some cash while you're at it.

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For example, need a way to munch safely on some fries while cruising down the freeway? Try ordering your fries like this. Easy, convenient, and much safer.

Did you know you can order a whopper at McDonald's and they won't even know what you're doing...

Maybe I'll give the 5 Guys Loaded Fries hack a try. You can save some dough and still get full.

One of my favorites so far, the spicy chicken-nator. Maybe skip the ketchup next time though...

But this; this is the one I want to try TODAY!!!! Meet the Ultra-Mac! Why didn't McDonalds just make it this way to begin with!? Seriously, now that's a BIG Mac.

Find more food hacks and fast-food fun with HellthyJunkFood on TikTok. The shenanigans are fun, the food is epic, and now you can go out and try it for yourself; if you have the courage to order it, that is!

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