For 70 years, the Farm Progress Show has connected farmers from across the globe with agriculture’s leading companies; featuring hundreds of exhibitors, engaging farm products, and the specialists who develop, tested and designed them. This is the place to innovate with the latest ag-technology, learn from industry experts, and share your farming legacy.

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According to a press release from the organization, the Farm Progress Show brings more than $31 million in economic activity annually to its host communities in Boone, Iowa, and Decatur, Illinois, according to a new study.

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The study was conducted by Informa, the global events company that owns the Farm Progress Show, which measured the direct and indirect dollars spent by visitors, exhibitors and local suppliers during the 2022 Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA. Based on scope and size, the figures apply to the upcoming show in Decatur, as well.

“When we (he and his team) inked a deal with the two communities in the early 2000s that locked in 10 shows over 20 years, we estimated each year would have a $10 million economic impact. Now we’re up to $31 million, and it feels good to more than fulfill the promise with our upcoming 10th show at the Decatur site. Normally a trade show with 4 million square feet would exclusively be in Las Vegas or Orlando, but the Farm Progress Show comes to town and focuses the entire global ag world on this community for three days.”

-Matt Jungman, Farm Progress National Events Director

The Decatur Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, estimates that more than 9,000 hotel rooms were booked in Macon County, IL, just during the 2021 Decatur Farm Progress Show. This doesn't include rooms that were booked before or after the show; when setup and teardown is being executed by exhibitors and company reps.

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In addition to hotels, the $31 million figure includes landscapers who bring in wood chips and mums, and staffers that place chairs, tables, and create internet access across 4 million square feet of exhibit space. In addition, the figure does not include Farm Progress’ donations to volunteer groups.

Credit: Farm Progress Show
Credit: Farm Progress Show

The annual Farm Progress Show rotates between Decatur, IL, and Boone, IA. In fact, as exhibits have become more expansive, so has the investment in to permanent show sites. This equates to dollars being sent back into the local economy through purchases at local hardware and office supply stores. As well as local restaurants, gas, stations, and other convenience stores; not to mention that the impact is spread out over more than three days.

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The 2023 Farm Progress Show will be held in Decatur, IL, August 29th through the 31st. For more information, check out

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