President Trump recently toured the Honeywell factory in Arizona, which is tasked with mass producing face masks to protect the public and limit the spread of the coronavirus as parts of the country brace for reopening phases. Playing at an incredibly high volume at the factory was Guns N' Roses' cover of Wings' "Live and Let Die" as the President and his team roamed the area while not equipped with face masks themselves.

Adhering to safety precautions, Trump and his team were outfitted with goggles as they were given the rundown on Honeywell's efforts as the factory recently converted from manufacturing their usual line of products to meet the dire need of face masks in America.

Some states have issued executive orders mandating the use of face masks in public spaces, especially grocery stores, in response to urgent recommendations by public health experts, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization). Naturally, this has driven much of the demand for the protective product.

As seen in the pair of video clips below, Trump was educated on the material the face masks are made of and their intended effectiveness in combating the spread of the virus, which has sickened over 1.2 million Americans and claimed over 71,000 lives per Johns Hopkins University.

Blaring throughout the factory was "Live and Let Die" by Guns N' Roses, which was so loud that the people present had to speak above a normal level in order to properly hear one another. The song originally appeared on the band's 1991 album, Use Your Illusion I.

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