Ah yes, the thought does cross my mind. You've just been offered some "pie" and of course you say yes, because honestly, who turns down pie. But when your server returns what do you expect to be on the plate?

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Technically, it could legitimately be really any combination of items. Pie is described as; a baked dish of fruit, OR meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry. So, what technically actually makes a pie, a pie, is its pastry style crust; not the filling.

So, what will it be today? chicken or beef pot-pie...

Chicken Pot Pie In A Plate
Credit: Saddako

I'll admit, not the first thing that crosses my mind, and to be honest my taste-buds either. It's not that I don't like potpies of different varieties, (my wife makes a killer venison version) but if someone offers me pie; I might be taken aback when this comes out on the tray.

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Ok I'll be honest this is probably MY choice in pies, but not what the day is actually about. Your sever just brought out a loaded PIZZA pie!

Credit: MarquezBlake

Yeah, this is more my style of pie. The pizza pie can literally be had in any way imaginable. Want it loaded with veggies and meat? No problem

Pizza with toppings
Credit: william44

Want it topped with fruit and slathered in frosting? Also, not a problem!

Credit: Pizza Ranch
Credit: Pizza Ranch

Did I also mention that for today only you can also get a $10 pepperoni pizza from Caseys for just $10.

Pizza is literally THE best kind of pie and no one will ever change my mind; but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a slice of what today is actually about...

Piece of fresh strawberry and rhubarb pie on a plate
Credit: jenifoto                                            Strawberry Pie

Mmm, mmm. Yes, the true Pie Day honorary is the pastry style dessert.

Two pecan tarts with pecans set against a simple background.
Credit: Fudio                              Pecan Tarts

Did you know that Ancient Greeks are believed to have originated pie pastry. In the plays of Aristophanes from the 5th century BC, there are mentions of sweetmeats including small pastries filled with fruit. In addition, the first all-fruit pies were not even popularized until the 1500's by Queen Elizabeth the First, who was very fond of them.

Credit: Tom Kelley Archive Peanut Butter Pie
Credit: Tom Kelley Archive          Peanut Butter Pie; decadent enough for a queen...

In fact, pies have become so popular in the US, that the apple pie has become a symbolic tradition of American Cooking and Nationalism. You can even find different list of the very best kinds of dessert pies.

Apple Pie
Credit: Purestock

So today, raise your forks-high and dig-in to the fruitiest, meatiest, most decadent pie you can find. I'll be right there with you, pepperoni pie in hand.

-Tom Drake

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