Here's something to add to our bucket list: go rope swing zip-lining in an NFL stadium with a mascot and a whole lot of people.

This video from Devin Graham gives us a look at a fun time being had by all at the Jacksonville Jaguars' Everbank Field stadium. Aerial Concepts and Panasonic hooked up with Graham in order to create this video, in which all of the participants takes turns jumping off the stadium lights on rope swing attached to a zipline. There's an adrenaline rush if we've ever seen one.

The entire thing is set to Con Bro Chill's "Party Animal" and looks entirely too fun. When folks aren't putting their mortality to the test and jumping off the stadium lights while holding cameras, there's a lot B-roll featuring everyone having fun around the stadium and dancing. This is our kind of crowd.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the proceedings, but it's got mascots, cheerleaders and a bunch of kids flipping around in the air while tethered to zipline. Frankly, we're just impressed that no one ended up dropping one of the cameras provided by Panasonic.

Watch Graham and his crew perform some crazy stunts, all in the name of -- something! We don't quite know what the purpose of this video is, but we do know that it looks like a crazy amount of fun. You can check out more of Graham's videos here and take a look at what Aerial Concepts has to offer here.

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