According to a report from the Telegraph Herald and arrest record from the Dubuque Police Department; Caitlyn Carter, a 24 year-old Dubuque woman, was arrested at 6:39am today at Dubuque Law Enforcement Center by local Officer Ostendorf on a warrant charging sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist.

Credit: Dubuque Law Enforcement Center P2C
Credit: Dubuque Law Enforcement Center P2C

Reports show that Carter was in a sexual relationship with a resident of Hillcrest Family Services Care Facility while she worked there. Documents show that Carter did in fact admit to having sexual conduct with the resident in her office while she was on duty. The resident also confirmed the relationship to police. The warrant for Carter's arrest was issued on August 22nd. As a reminder, individuals depicted on Dubuque Police 2 Citizen have been arrested, but not convicted and information does not infer or imply guilt of any actions or activity other than a persons arrest. In addition, any identifying information of victims of sexual crimes will NOT be distributed.

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Hillcrest Family Services is a non-profit organization that provides an assortment of services to educate, coordinate, and deliver treatment to individuals and families that serve their whole being. Their goal is to improve mental health, holistic well-being, and belonging within an environment free of shame.

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