My Mom told me years ago that I had a taste for the finer things in life. I couldn't agree with her more. That's why I recommend the Log Cabin Steakhouse in Galena, IL to anyone when "places to eat" and "Tri-State area" are mentioned.

The Log Cabin is a Greek-style steakhouse owned and operated by the Rigopoulos family. When I say operated, I mean EVERY time I walk through the front door, Dino and/or Sammy is there to greet me and my wife.

Spend a few minutes talking to them, and you'll quickly learn that only the best will do for their customers. That's why I was pleased to learn their family was going to start selling Rigopoulos Grove Olive Oil - which has been around for decades but is only now available to purchase in the United States.

Rigopoulos Grove Olive Oil has a full bodied, complex flavor derived from the queen of all single varietal olives in Kalamata, Greece.  It is produced from the first cold-pressed, handpicked organic olives to capture the absolute freshest and most refined flavor.  Small and potent olives are harvested to release the full aroma.

This specialty olive is highly prized for its rich flavor and has been preferred in olive oil for 3000 years.  Olive oil is perfect for seasoning vegetables and as a dipping oil.

Purchase a bottle of your own today at: Hy-vee, Piggly Wiggly in Galena, Chef Ivo's, the Food Co-op, and the Log Cabin.