Iron Maiden are getting dark with the latest addition to their popular Trooper beer line.

Starting in September, Trooper drinkers will have the option of quaffing the band's new Red 'N' Black brew, a limited-edition porter that reportedly reaches back into the early pages of Robinsons Brewery's recipe books. Named for the color of the beer — which shifts from black to red when it's held up to the light — and for the song "The Red and the Black" from the group's recent The Book of Souls album, Red 'N' Black promises a drink with "a roasted malt and caramel backbone" and "hints of both liquorice and honey to create a delicious warming brew."

"I like tasting outside the box," said singer Bruce Dickinson. "Stouts and porters were virgin territory for me so I just went by feel. Martyn and I hope we have created a new take on a classic beer and one which I hope will tickle the taste buds of ale fans in a pleasantly unexpected way."

"With millions of pints sold in 55 countries worldwide it’s safe to say that Trooper remains a phenomenal success," added Robinsons brand manager John Robinson. "Last year, we released Trooper 666 at the request of the fans, and this year we are happy to be releasing another limited edition beer that broadens the Trooper range in an ever evolving and vibrant beer market."

The Red 'N' Black announcement arrives several weeks after Maiden confirmed plans to expand the Trooper line with a drink that Dickinson hinted would be "somewhere between a stout and a porter." Last year, Trooper marked an impressive milestone when they celebrated the sale of their 10 millionth pint.

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