The mother of a late viola player spoke of the pride she felt after discovering her daughter is heard on “Now and Then,” the “final” song from the Beatles.

Caroline Buckman died of breast cancer at age 48 in March 2023, 11 months after taking part in a recording session without being given details about the project. The fact that she’s part of the string section in “Now and Then” was only revealed to her family once the song was released.

As reported by CBC, Buckman was among a number of musicians hired at short notice for a three-hour session in April 2022 that paid “a couple hundred bucks.” They were aware they’d be working for Paul McCartney but believed it was for a solo track, and the sheet music they were given was titled “Give & Take” as a decoy.

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McCartney was present for the full session and spent time with the musicians, posing for pictures and signing autographs. One artist recalled that, on being asked if he wanted to sit in the mixing room, McCartney replied: “No, this is where the magic happens… I just wanna sit here and enjoy it.”

Late Musician Would Have Been Delirious About Beatles Spot

Buckman – whose career credits include Star Trek, Star Wars, Breaking Bad and also work with Brian Wilson, Neil Young and R.E.M. – broke the habit of a lifetime and had McCartney sign her sheet music. “In her entire career, she’d never asked a colleague [for an autograph],” boyfriend Mitch Brown said. “She was super-thrilled. She said, 'I played with Paul McCartney today.’”

Erika, Buckman’s mom, recalled the surprise phone call on Nov. 1, to confirm her daughter's presence on “Now and Then.” She said her first reaction was: “You’re going to make me cry,” adding: “She would have been delirious about it. It is sad… [but] I’m very proud.”

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