I will admit that I'm in the minority on this one, but I find it encouraging that so many California residents are choosing to leave the state and move to Illinois. New data shows the numbers fleeing Cali for the Land of Lincoln are massive.

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I saw this brand new data share from 24/7 Wall St documenting where people from California are moving to the most. I know that many in past years have sought refuge in other western states like Colorado and Idaho. But, in 2023, one of the top states Californians are moving to is Illinois.

Get this. In just one recent year, 20,488 Californians decided that Illinois is where they need to be. But, why?

Why would a California person decide to move to Illinois?

The most obvious reason would be to flee the higher tax rates in Illinois. Oh, and if you try to buy a home in California, you'll pay many times more for the same size home in California compared to Illinois which has one of the most affordable markets in America.

There is another possibility...perhaps there are California people who love snow. Hey, it could happen. If that's the case, welcome to heaven in a few weeks.

I'm not a political person, but before you want to toss these kind California people out into the street, consider that maybe they don't like the politics in Cali either first.

I find this new 24/7 Wall St data interesting. I have many friends who either live in California or recently moved from there. They are without exception great people and I hope states like Illinois will welcome them with open arms.

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