Turkey Day is coming in hot (and hopefully seasoned) and there's something you should be aware of as you're grocery shopping.

Unfortunately, we have to have groceries to survive and they're just getting more and more expensive, to the point that I'd really just ask Santa for that carton of strawberries for Christmas. And we're about to need even more groceries because of Thanksgiving.


I've never had the "pleasure" of hosting Thanksgiving, but I travel to wherever my family is at every year. It's stressful from both sides. If you're hosting, you have to figure out sleeping arrangements, clean the house really well, and figure out the menu and what people are bringing. From the traveling side of things, you have to try not to miss any connecting flights or get too caught in traffic.

And because I don't want you to suffer too much trying to get ready for Thanksgiving, let me remind you of this:

Do not go grocery shopping the day before Thanksgiving.

Make darn sure whenever you pick up your ingredients well before that day that you get everything you need. You aren't gonna be "quickly running to" any QC grocery store on Wednesday, November 22nd.

Holidays can be a really fun (or at the least, entertaining) time of the year. There's family, there's drama with the family, and for once, folks are in a cheerful, optimistic mood. But the way to stress yourself out and drain some of that fun is to procrastinate and not totally prep right. So look through all of those recipes really well the week before Thanksgiving so you don't have to play Beat The Clock.

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