You may think there's nothing to do in Iowa but folks are finding plenty of ways to stay busy.

Iowans are really good at drinking and when you pair that with flirty remember your college days. RoadSnacks looked at the Hawkeye State's "Easiest Cities To Get Laid In" for this year. Mind you, this is based on stats, not the amount of failed or successful pickup lines used at local bars.

What The Study Looked At


To come up with this, RoadSnacks looked at these stats in particular:

  • Population density
  • Ratio of female population to male
  • % of unmarried population
  • % of households with kids
  • Colleges per capita
  • Bars per capita

Based on all of those, RoadSnacks came up with a cumulative "chance to get laid score" for each town. They only looked at cities with a population of over 10,000 people so some spicier small towns might have been left out.

Note that it's not looking at the quality of character of the persons hooking up, just the feasible numbers.

Here are the top 3 easiest places to get laid in Iowa and apparently, the easiest in the QC.

#1. Dubuque

Earning the top spot on the list is Dubuque, with a population of 59,379.

  • Overall Score: 73.1%
  • Bars: 7
  • Colleges: 5

#2. Storm Lake

Storm Lake, the town of 11,166, apparently gives you a pretty good chance at hooking up with someone.

  • Overall Score: 64.8%
  • Bars: 4
  • Colleges: 1

And The QC's Easiest Place To Get Laid Is...

#3. Davenport

I can hear the laugh of QC singles everywhere. Who knew we apparently had so many chances for hookups right here in our own backyard? Davenport's a larger city on the list, at 101,725.

  • Overall Score: 64.8%
  • Bars: 11
  • Colleges: 3

So maybe if you live in any of these places and you haven't gotten lucky in a while, it might be time to finesse your pickup lines. You can get more details about the study here.

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