How many laws have you broken before? It might be more than you think after you read this list of crazy Illinois laws. 

At one time or another we all break a law.

Maybe when you were a kid you stole candy from the store and didn't tell your mom. Or maybe, as an adult you parked next to a fire hydrant while you were running into the bank to deposit a check.

We've all broken a law before, but we knew we were doing it.

But what about all the laws you've broken that you don't know about?

I know, that's a little stressful!

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Take a deep breath though, you're probably not going to jail, but you might want to take a look at these strange Illinois laws and see if you might've broken them too.

5 Strange Illinois Laws You Might Be Breaking

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How many of these laws have you broken?

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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