If you're a parent, the moment you lose sight of your babies in public panic begins to set in.

If you're like me, the panic quickly subsides when I realize they are usually right behind me and I'm just looking right over them and I miss their face.

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However, there have been a handful of occasions when I did lose sight of one of my (at the time) little ones.

That's when I would immediately yell their name to get their attention.

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Sometimes that would work other times I would need to go on a search to find my child who decided to wander off and not answer my namecalls.

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I only wish I had this Life Pro Tip post I found on Reddit titled, If you lose sight of your toddler in a public place, shout out their description.

My friend pointed out that no one knows what your kid looks like but if you shout '3 year old, red hair, purple jumper' people can be looking around or remembering where they saw them.

When my 3yo daughter ran off in Heathrow departures I didn’t shout her name at first because she is in an 'ignore my mum' phase and I thought she’d just be around the next corner.

When I did start shouting I defaulted to shouting her name and eventually a security person came and said she had been brought to security. But if I’d shouted her description maybe I would have found her more quickly.

One comment read, "We taught our kids that if we lose each other in a busy place: stay where you are, we will come looking for you." That's another great idea.

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Another idea was to Sharpie your phone number on your kid's arm but I think that's a little excessive.

What do you think? Is shouting your child's description the best way to alert strangers to help locate your missing kid?

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