I would say it's a safe bet that the majority of people in Illinois who partake in marijuana-related activities have some sort of nickname for cannabis.

Why Does Marijuana Have So Many Nicknames Is Illinois?

I started down the internet wormhole of trying to figure out why marijuana has so many different nicknames in Illinois. I found a bunch of different stories but nothing really definitive. I've got a couple of my own theories.

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First of all, the word "marijuana" isn't too cool. It just sounds very sciency. Plus, I think people are trying to be sneaky about it. If they use a nickname, then others won't know what they're talking about. Of course, it's still pretty obvious.

All The Marijuana Fans In Illinois Have Their Own Favorite Nickname for Cannabis

It's funny, you grab a group of let's say, 20 marijuana users. If you ask each of them what they call cannabis, each of them would have a different answer. Plus, stoners are very creative so they come up with some hilarious nicknames. I wanted to find out some of the top ones in Illinois, so I conducted a social media survey. Here's what I found out.

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Illinois' 14 Most Creative Nicknames For Marijuana

  • # 14 Pot
  • # 13 Weed
  • # 12 Mota
  • # 11 Green
  • # 10 Dank
  • # 9 Dubby
  • # 8 Schizophrenia Activator
  • # 7 Ill-Nah-Nah
  • # 6 Wildwood Flower
  • # 5 Wacky Weed
  • # 4 Jazz Cabbage
  • # 3 Hippie Lettuce
  • # 2 Devils Lettuce
  • #1 Wacky Tobaccy

Did your favorite make the list? If not, what is it?

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