Some artists are truly determined to play a show, even if they aren't in the most pristine physical condition. Kid Rock had to inject steroids prior to his recent performance at a Donald Trump Presidential re-election rally, as he's been suffering from neck issues over the years.

The Trump rally was held in Michigan last night (Sept. 14), and Rock was there to show his support in the form of headlining the event with a concert.

"In case anyone is not clear on how much I support our President..." prefaced the musician on an Instagram post of a picture of himself receiving medical treatment. Explaining the reason for the steroid injection, Kid Rock said, "I have been dealing with neck issues for years (from performing like I do for the past 30 years) and spent the morning at the Dr’s office getting 2 Steroid shots, one in my ass and the other in my neck, etc, etc."

While he acknowledged canceling his performance would have been the logical thing to do, he refused to accept defeat.

"That is how important getting POTUS re-elected is too [sic] me and I could care less about the continuous attacks from the left wing media, etc., that have been going on for over 4 years now," Rock continued. "It's the reason I have turned down countless interviews and TV appearances as I refuse to be their click bait."

Following his political expressions, the musician announced a career-spanning documentary to be released next year, along with new music and "one last monster tour that will kick" his "critics in their ass and give all the love" he has to his fans.

Read the full post below.

Detroit Free Press notes that the performance consisted of four acoustic songs, including his hit "All Summer Long." Most of the attendees at the rally reportedly were not wearing face masks.

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